Real Living's "Shop of the Month" is DuoDeco Studio = BIG SALE!

7/11/2013 06:11:00 AM

I've been excited to grab a copy of this issue because 1) DuoDeco Studio is this issue's shop of the month, 2) I have another participation in one of their feature which I'll share in coming post, and 3) it's their 10 year anniv issue which means madaming pasabog! :)

And I'm not mistaken. I really think it's their best issue yet. Not because we're in it (REALLY), I just truly felt inspired after reading the entire mag. A lot of nice homes were in here! (again, REALLY) Grab your copy now na!

Anyway, here's the feature on DuoDeco Studio. They've photographed the place so nicely, very bright, and oh so natural. You see, the inside of the showroom doesn't get sunlight, so these photos are amazing!

Well hello there. HAHA. Here we are posing for the camera. It's weird that the bf is all smiles and I look somewhat sad. Because in reality, we're exactly the opposite! It's not that he's sad or anything, but when it comes to our pictures, he always seems to look so pissed. So thank you for capturing this moment! haha

Also love how they styled the showroom. Especially the one on the right, they just grabbed random pieces from around, and viola, a quirky fun set-up.
Super thank you to the Real Living Team! You're all so so great. I had fun at the shoot, and I'm now having fun staring at this feature. :)

Another anyway, we are on SALE!!! Like crazy sale. Thousands and hundreds of pesos worth of discount. One chair goes from P5500 to P4500, the divans from P7200 to P5800, and now it's only P300 for throw pillow cases, and so on. Check out DuoDeco Studio, and see for yourself. *infomercial tone*  

See you there! :)


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