Our dream home inspiration mash-up

2/27/2014 01:06:00 AM

For the last 12 years, I always had a computer right there waiting for me. First a pc desktop, and macbook white, then now a macbook aluminum body. This mac of mine is nearing its 5 year mark and is definitely showing its age. It died on me about two weeks ago. What the what?? Well to be honest, I thought I would miss it so much, but it wasn't that hard, ipad and phone to the rescue. The only difficult part is I can't do any work. Haha.. Bought it to mac center and they quoted me 38k Php for all the repairs/parts, no thank you. This is not even worth that much any more. So the bf's bro in law came to the rescue and fixed it for me. Thank you so much! I now have a working computer again. (knock on wood) 

Anyways, with all of my ipad / phone time the past two weeks sans the macbook, I did a lot of pinning of inspiration for our dream home. I am obsessed. Already shared with you what might the outside will look like, so here are what's currently on our mind right now, interior-wise.

We have finalized the paint colors. Yes yes yes. At first the bf was not on board the white wall idea, but I won't back down. Showed him lots of white interiors to persuade him, and he agreed. On one condition, he wanted black ceiling. SOLD. I love black and white. And I already did a black ceiling on one of my projects which I also love. So no need to convince me on that.

Plus, it would look so good with our plan of a camel / cognac leather sofa. 

So basic living / dining / kitchen finishes: white walls, black ceiling, and cement floors. Woohoo I might just get my dream concrete floors. Yup. I don't dream of nice tiles, or pretty wooden floors, but I would definitely want the floors you see at home depots. Haha.. 
the red house

As for the dining area, we love the idea of light wood table such as this. Simple, raw, but not too rustic.

The chairs might be mis-matched vintage chairs. Love this with the pop of green. 

Or it could all be neutral with fun colored pendant lights.

I would love the white subway tile and dark grout for the bathroom. Classic and vintage. But the space won't be all white.

The upper wall would be a deep peacock color. Just like this. But instead of plain white below, it will be the subway tiles. Still can't find those tiles here, so we'll probably just buy a cheap white square tile and I'll have it cut. Simple solution and probably will cost us a lot less. As for the floors, no idea still. We'll probably know once we're shopping and see something we like.

Ooohh.. the doors to the bedroom and bathroom will be something like this. Sliding barn doors. LOVE. We'll just look for salvaged wood or something.

Both of us would have an office in the main living / dining area. And both our desk will be facing a big window just like this. Oh and I'd love to have a big house plant as well, that's the dream.

Since I made the floor plan of the space, I carved out a small walk-in closet just for me. It's small, like 4x6.5 feet. But it will be all mine and I'll probably paint it pink. Ohh and I'll use piped for the hanging rod. Girly industrial. I'm planning a shallow shelves of sort to house accessories on the other wall. We'll see. It will be smaller than my three closets now, but I don't use more than half of my things anyway. So I'll gladly purge to have a walk-in closet, however small.

One accent wall will be bricks. Yes I'm predictable like that. We'll probably have all the elements in this photo, bricks, concrete, black, cognac leather, black and some copper/gold here and there.

For the bedroom, I can't find a great photo that we can both agree on, but we'll have a wallpaper on one wall. I can just imagine the discussion on that particular wallpaper shopping trip. We agree on a lot of things but also have different taste / style. So we'll see who'll win. Or if there's the perfect wallpaper out there that we both would love. Here's hoping its the latter.

You may see our kitchen inspiration here as well. As you can see, we already have a somewhat clear vision on what the house will look like, 3rd floor that is. Since 1st floor will be stockroom / workshop, 2nd floor, the showroom. 3rd floor, main living / dining / kitchen and master bedroom. And 4th floor would be additional bedroom and rooftop. :)

It sounds huge but it's not. We wanted to add lots of level to accommodate all our wants and needs since the lot is just around 70sqm. But I never dreamed of having big house anyway, too much to maintain. So I think the size is just perfect. 

We've been visualizing the house and even played with home design app, that's how excited we are. Crazy crazy times. I keep on sharing these things to voice out my mind and to make us work for our dream. If you just keep it in and leave it at the back your head, you won't do anything. So here I am, working on all this to give us the push and inspiration to finally start this thing. This year, house, you'll be ours. 


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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