HO of the Day: All White

3/07/2014 02:23:00 AM

I've always dreamt of having a cozy little office space of my own, and a desk in my bedroom does not count. Hence, this series. But with the recent plans of the dream house, I still wouldn't have a separate office due to some space constraints. So we're going to place two desks (mine and the bf) on one long wall (in front of big windows!) in the living/dining area, which I'm fine with by the way. I actually prefer it that way 'coz I hate working alone. Haha.. If ever I'd have a separate office, might not end up working there and you'll find me in the sofa, in front of the tv. So this is a great compromise. I would still have a designated working space that I could spruce up, but not be isolated while I work. I know, I'm needy, I've accepted that. Haha... 

So this office reminded me of that set up. Long desk in front of big windows, super light-filled, simple, and plants. I'm loving plants these days... I'll have some of those. Can't wait to have an inspiring workspace for myself-- all white walls, big windows, refurbished desk, art, a nice chair, lots of storage, and HOPEFULLY clutter-free!


  1. I'd love to have an office just like this!! Something about an all white wall is just so classy and soothing at the same time


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