Less Expensive Window Option for Project Dream Home

3/11/2014 04:59:00 PM

I don't know about you, but most of the time when I'm decorating a space, I disregard the look of the windows. Many of the spaces I did got nothing special window-wise, so I just always slap on a nice looking curtains and call it a day. 

Most mid-range development houses / previously owned house you can buy here got an ordinary looking sliding aluminum / analoc windows with outside grills. They aren't the prettiest, not at all. Plus you got to purchase the window separate from the grills so it doubles the cost. For those not from the Philippines, it's the norm here to put grills on all windows for safety reasons, sad but it's just the way it is.

So our main criteria for windows are:
1. It got to be cost-efficient (our criteria for everything, really) This means no double-pane or all those very nice but very expensive option
2. It should be industrial looking and pretty as is since we're not planning on putting up curtains on most of the space (except the bedroom where we need total darkness)

Every time when I go out, I always look around and check out different houses and their elements, and it dawned on me, most low-cost housing I see around have these type of window:
Steel casement. I assumed it would be a lot cheaper since many of the not so affluent neighborhood got it, plus it's a window and grill in one, so there's that. And let's be real, we're not affluent as well so might as well follow their lead. To those who have that window, I'm not saying you're not rich ok? I'm just saying that I saw many who are not have those. Haha

I don't exactly like the configuration of that particular window but I know that a lot of window makers can customized them for you so I search for pegs and found this.

That's more like it. It's industrial, simple, and can stand alone without any help from pretty curtains or window treatments. So I send that image with some specs to a few window makers and the lowest quote I got for an 8x5 feet is 9,000 Php. That's for one window, so I assumed that if I'll be having all our windows done, it will come out cheaper. Plus I'm rethinking the size, maybe 6x5 is fine. We'll see. 

I love it, that's exactly the look we're going for.

Here are some inspiration images I found that I'm really liking. I'd like to keep it real so most of these interiors are a little rough, which our house will most likely be, raw but full of character... or so I hope. Haha

I knew I said before that I would love to have lots of plants, but maybe a little less than this. Haha.. But nevertheless, love  the light streaming in this little work area. 

Again, more plants! Succulent love, I'll have those. And we're going for frosted glass for privacy and to deter direct sunlight since we won't have an incredible view anyway. They'll be kept open for air so we can still peek out to see the world if we opted to. And since we won't be having curtains, I'm not liking the idea of looking out into darkness when I work at night, so frosted it is. Yes I'm afraid of the dark, my imagination can ran wild so deal with it. Haha

Hello glorious industrial home!

For small windows in the bathroom and above the kitchen sink, this is the idea.

Again, working area in front of huge windows. Oh and our house's elements will be similar to this, white walls, black windows, and concrete floors. 

Yay for high ceilings! Love all the elements in this space. We're not going to have this high of a ceiling, but it will be decent, around 10 feet. This window looks a little more high end and high tech, but you get the idea. 

As for the opening, we're still deciding if wanted it to swing out, or be awning style like many of the photos above. Again, we'll see. There's a lot of "we'll see" that will be going on in this dream house of ours, but I guess that's how it is when building one right? 

So that's the plan for our windows. It's a big decision since we're planning to install lots of them. The idea is to never have to turn on the light during day time. We wanted a light-filled home, and saving on electricity is a huge plus! Oh, and no, we won't be having screens for now. We'll just have mosquito zapper or whatever. Haha

How about you? If you build your dream home, what window did you install? How's the cost and how are you liking it? Can't believe how many decisions you got to make and we haven't even started yet! I guess I'm just crazy for thinking of details way early. But we got to figure out the cost or we'll have a house without windows. Haha


  1. We just renovated our house and since my mom is into vintage Filipino architectural details, we went to 2nd hand hardware stores in Litex Rd., Batasan (QC) to look for our windows. We bought salvaged wood window panes with sampaguita glass for half what the antique stores are selling them for. It is good value for money since items made then were made to last a long time.

    If you're willing to endure the dust, there are good quality items to be found in these stores since they get their items from demolished old houses.

  2. Oooh thank you for the tip! We're thinking about salvaged windows as well but I really like big ones. But I guess we could find those as well. We'll check it out thank you!!

  3. I sent the first comment.

    Suggest that you also look into the possibility of just hiring a welder/handyman to manufacture your steel windows and grills onsite. In our case, we just paid his daily rate and provided the items (metal, window, etc.) for him to manufacture our window grills and steel windows for our bathrooms per our specs. It had cost less than having it made by established glass and window suppliers/stores.

    1. After reading through your blog and comments here, I would like to restore rather than totally replace my steel casement windows. Could you recommend good handyman restorers of steel casement windows? Any website I could go to? Or contact numbers? I live in Manila area. Thank you!

    2. Hello! Sorry didn't go to any specialist for windows. We just had our workers repaint and install all the second hand windows we bought. :)

  4. hey thanks! actually neighborhood window maker ung tinanongan ko, not big companies. :) But I'll still asked around.. thanks for the tip! :)


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