Living + Dining Combo

3/31/2014 03:07:00 AM

What do you do if you have to choose between having a living or dining space? With all the ridiculously small places being sold / rented today, you might need to let go of one of the functions of those two. I know some spaces with living area but they eat in a counter. Or they may have a proper table to eat in but no place to lounge to watch none sense tv. It's fine. You'll live.

Some change of plans/direction are going on with Project Dream Home but I still can't share until we finalized everything. But with that changes comes a challenge of having to fit a kitchen, living, dining in a 20 sqm space. With stairs. That is one tight space. The bf and I discussed what we wanted to do and what we needed. We love to eat so a proper dining space is in order. But we also love to just hang out so we need a comfy deep sofa. He then suggested why not use the sofa as a banquette for the table. Ummm yes please. I'm not talking about the usual narrow banquette for dining, but a proper sofa that is perfect for table height but still deep enough to lounge in. 

After finalizing on that idea, I searched for inspiration for this type of set-up. And I got plenty.

So love this. The sofa is gorgeous and perfect with that industrial table and quirky vintage chair.

This will most probably the size we'll have. A petite six seater table with a comfy sofa. I also like how graphic those oversized pendant lights are.

So sweet and charming. A bit rustic but definitely cozy.

Big sofa matched with small chairs makes the space comfy and spacious looking.

This space is super inviting. Love the deep seats, white surroundings, light wood, and all the colors.

Again with the deep cushy seating area and the airiness of it all. 

Or you can even have a sectional in there...

So yes, you don't have to choose, you can have both. You'll live and be happy. Haha...

As for our space, we wanted a cognac leather chesterfield sofa with light wood table. It will be more of a dark loungey vibe with lots of vintage elements. It will be soooo good I can't wait. 


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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