Navy Blue Walls for Living / Dining Space: Love it or Hate it?

8/03/2014 11:10:00 PM

I AM an internet junkie. I could spend all day online looking at blogs, photos of different spaces, inspiration images, and such. During the initial phase of Project Dream Home, I had set my eyes on having white walls. See our initial idea here when the plan is not yet for this current tiny house of ours. WHITE WALLS. It's been all the rage the past year (based on my hours upon hours of internet "research")-- scandinavian, casual, airy, all white interiors with natural wood and hints of colors. It goes with everything, needless to say, I was sold. I even convinced / manipulated the bf to like white walls as well. He then agreed, hence this post

But when we're discussing ideas for the tiny house, I found myself doubting white for our third floor living / dining space. I really don't know why... but having a dark cozy walls sound more and more appealing. I'm sure we'll still have white somewhere, but for a main living space, especially with the brick walls and loft ceiling, we're loving the idea of dark walls.

If it were only up to me, I'd love to have this wall color. DARK TEAL.

So so gorgeous. But the bf is not into that, and he really likes navy blue. I don't wanna argue since I love navy blue as well. We compromised and will paint our kitchen cabinets a dark teal. Ha! So basically, I'll get what I want since I love both colors anyway. Haha...

What's your take on navy walls? I know some people who doesn't mind dark walls on their bedroom since darkness = sleep. But for the living / dining/ kitchen space, are you up to painting your walls dark? 

You see, navy blue is the new black. Anything looks good paired with it. Frame gallery would stand out against it. We wanted a cognac / tan leather sofa, and as seen here, looks great with navy. 

We wanted lots of wood elements, and some colors here and there, umm.. great with navy. 

Another thing is, modern / crisp furnishing (see sofa), and or vintage pieces with lots of patina (see artwork), pairs well with navy. It has a way of acting like neutral even if it isn't. Though some may argue that this particular photo is actually showing black walls, which is probably the case, but whatever, if you squint a little, it will look navy, and I'm just trying to prove a point. Haha

Since we're planning on putting big windows anyway, we're not really afraid that it would look too dark in there. See this photo below, it's still fresh and bright even with dark walls. So the plan is a bright airy space when the sun's up, and a cozy space at night.

We're still having white ceiling, and other white things, and navy make white looks somewhat crisper. And see all the different kinds / shade of woods use in here, don't be afraid to mix it up. Nothing to do with navy walls, but you CAN have different wood stains in one room. Just have to throw that in. hehe

I'll be honest, I don't know if navy has got a lot to do with how gorgeous this space is, but this photo just made me more sure of our decision of painting our abode this shade. I'm sure even if you replace this wall color with other hue, it would still look amazing. But we're not talking about those colors so lets all ogle the different texture (wood, metal, golds, bronze, antiques, lace) that looks superb against navy blue.

Just to show you, since we're planning on installing bricks on our window wall as well, it would look a little something like this.

I'm not saying that we'll not change our minds, I really can't tell. I was most definitely sure about white walls then, but look at me now trying to convince you all that navy is the most amazing color there is. But as of today, that is the plan. Navy blue walls for our third floor, and loft level, and we're pretty excited about it. 

What about you, will you paint your living / dining space a navy blue? Or are you afraid to go that dark?

So the one million dollar question is, navy blue walls, love it or hate it?

P.S. If many of you still hate it after this post, I'm definitely not trying a career in sales. Haha


  1. I think navy blue or a dark color is good if you have lots of natural lighting coming in.

    Our house is in between houses and this has caused me a bit of grief because the natural light comes only on one window :(

    Hope to see your dream project aka house soon! :)

    1. actually, dark colors are great for rooms without much natural light, just embrace the coziness. :) And on the contrary, white would look dull in rooms without sunlight as shadows would be visible in different corners / angles, so better paint the room (even if it isn't as dark) another color aside from white. :)

  2. Love the navy for your walls. I've been pulled into the all white scandi look as well. It seemed like a good change after having a multi colored home for 10 years. The inspiration spaces you featured are fantastic. I don't think that you'll change your mind any time soon! Can't wait to see your space!

    1. haha I don't think we'll change our mind too as we're excited to see the navy on our walls! :) And as I always say, it's just paint, you can easily paint over it if you get tired of it, so we might have the white wall in a couple of years or so. :) But for now, navy it is!

  3. elle, you can do magic with any color naman e..:)

  4. Navy blue sounds like a terrific idea! You don't see that color choice much around here, especially for living rooms. I'm so happy I happened across your blog, I really look forward to seeing what you guys do with your little paradise :)

    - Jill @

    1. thank you! that paradise is a long way ahead.. but we're so excited about it.

  5. what is that deep teal color you've used??? i can't find it anywhere - everything is either darker navy or lighter aqua, ugh lol

    1. Those are all inspiration photos from the internet so I have no idea what color they used. :) But I have luck copying that color adding green to navy blue. :) Good luck!


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