The Office that Never Was

8/22/2014 04:15:00 AM

Let's take a break from the Tiny House update, since, let's face it, there's not much picture-worthy progress since the last post. More rebars and form works went up, and that's about it. Can't wait to share something more substantial, but until then, I'll go back in time and share the office that never was.

We made a lot of progress in the showroom before we left (DIY floor, kitchen, main showroom), but the second floor rooms (bedroom and office) was never completed and stayed in it's chaotic status until our last day there. The moodboard above was the plan for the office/studio.

We actually got some of the major things done. Here's what the room looked like most days.
Hahaha.. I know, I know.

It never really became an office, but more of a storage / workshop. As you can see, the major moodboard elements were there: white walls, black accent wall, green storage, DIY hanging light, reclaimed table, wood floors, gold accents, chairs, and wall art, but we never got around to finally complete all the details. Too bad since the room has a lot of potential, we just don't use it that much to warrant a major sprucing up / clean up.

This metal dear head sculpture made by the bf got a corner spot. I love it so much, it will eventually have a special spot in the tiny house.

Of course, we needed a gallery wall of some sort. This wall was the target.

We just got some random frames, prints, and stuff and installed it on the wall. The E (elle) and Y (yuseff) are from a store signage that was given to us. We'll probably install them in the tiny house and have them actually back-lit (exciting!). The bf hated the pointing finger print until we realized that it will be pointing at you wherever you are in the room. Haha.. it's optical illusion, I know. But it's quite fun to move around the room just to see that it is, in fact true. We did it a number of times. Yes, mababaw ang kaligayahan namin. 

See, still pointing at you. Haha

I love this space despite all the mess. It's bright when the suns up, and cozy at night. I love the natural wood floors, and I love the fact that we created some great stuff in here (hence the mess). It would be nice if we finished it, but we have a new office to do in the tiny house so there's still hope. 

Oh and the bedroom, never finished it either. We painted the walls a, what we lovingly call, dungeon gray. The bf loved the color, I hated it. Is it gray? Is it brown? Grawn? Bray? I'm not sure. Haha.. But he loved the cave like feel of the space.
As for the pink bed, that's another story. We kept going back and forth on what to paint the bed. I wanted coral and so he agreed, AS LONG AS he's the one to choose what kind of coral. He saw a shoelace and chose the shoelace color for the bed. When it was done, he was shocked at how pink it actually was and even accused me of altering the color. In which I showed him the shoelace (that he chose), held it beside the bed, and he saw that the color perfectly matched. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: Never choose a color from small items, they are deceiving! haha.. If you're unsure, especially for big pieces or walls, test a few paint colors first before deciding. It will save you some money, or the agony of living with a pink bed. Which I, of course love. 

So that's my throwback for you all. Or I guess flashback since it's Friday. The showroom will always be special to us, we even peek inside whenever we pass by. We're on stalker mode since we wanted to see what the next tenant did with the space. Too bad we can't see much past the main door. As much as we loved this place, I'm sure we'll love the tiny house so much more. I promise not to have grawn / bray wall color in there, and I'm sure the bf will promise not to have a pink bed. And we promise to have a much cleaner and organize office, hopefully.


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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