House of DuoDeco: DIY Painted Floors

11/03/2012 08:02:00 PM

It's been a looooong time since I last did a DIY. 8 months long to be exact. The last DIY was this stool and side table I spray painted gold. I'm not even sure if you can consider it that since it's just spray paint after all. This project we did was from from it! It took us 15 hours of work, haha!

It all started from my ambitious plan of painting a pattern to the floors. Remember the moodboard I did for the showroom? Since we wanted everything to be within budget, we don't want to replace the floors, but the ancient vinyl installed won't do it. So paint it is! We had the floors painted white. 

I did a sketch of the pattern. Since a 12x12 vinyl was the former flooring, it already has a grid. I made the pattern based on the grid so we won't have to do any measuring. 

This is probably the most tedious of all... taping! We used around 14 rolls of masking tape. Most of the masking tape we bought won't adhere properly to the floors, I cursed the tape numerous of times. It did help a bit. Haha

We cut excess tape to prep for the paint. Here's the floor all taped up.

Almost done with the painting!

But before the final reveal, here's another side story. You see, we wore socks the entire time we walked on the newly painted white floors since it doesn't have any top coat yet. But as clumsy/careless as we are, one of each our sock got into a little black paint accident. Which lead us into resorting to this....
A plastic, and paper bag slash sock. Wala lang.. hahaha

Here we are before removing the tape. Souvenir of our little incident and this whole shenanigan. 

Let me just remind you on how we started the moment we first saw the place...

And now here it is with the painted floors, courtesy of me and the bf. :)

The almost done kitchen sans the teal fridge and yellow stove. That story is for another post.

Top view.

Don't be fooled by this photos, the floors isn't perfect, there's a lot of paint bleed and crooked lines since the old vinyl has a lot of chips and cracks, but we love it nonetheless. Though after putting a polyurethane top coat to protect the floors, they are now yellowish. Of course I love white better than yellow, but I'd rather have a yellowish floors than a very dirty hard to clean white one. Sabi nga ni bf... "Kunwari na lang vintage..." haha

There you have it, one step closer to our finish showroom. :)


  1. Wow! What a difference! You are brave to tackle such a big project. I love the pattern!

  2. Galing! I was the one who approached you sa Kreamy Island. Love the Angus Burger, by the way.

    Can't wait for your shop's opening. I'm obsessed with chairs kaya di ko papalampasin 'to. Was just wondering, will it be chairs only? Are you eventually going to sell headboards and others? Wala kasi akong makitang tufted headboard dito na nagustuhan ko eh. And I love what you did in one of your projects before.

  3. @Danylle.. thank you! deciding on the pattern was the easiest task because of the grids. The actual work is the hard part! haha

    @Talia hello!!! :) hindi lng chairs of course, nagkataon lng na un ung madami. :) As for headboard, I have one kaso hindi ko pa na paparefurbish.. its queen with tufting and ornate frame.. Gusto mo you can specify frame and fabric color if you want. :)

  4. I will definitely drop by! :D I will need the headboard next year pa naman. Mga September.

  5. looking forward to your shop's opening! :)

  6. Hi! nice DIY Floor pattern. You can try using 3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for no-damage, no-bleed paint line.


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