House of DuoDeco: The Office is Halfway There

11/16/2012 04:17:00 AM

Last night's agenda was to clean and organize our office. I thought it would take me two hours max, but between the organizing and freecell games, it took me four instead. Yes I'm addicted to freecell solitaire, that is my go-to break time game. Haha....

Here is the somewhat cleaner office as of date...

Haha! That is the clean version. Imagine piles and piles of stuff on the table and all over the floors. Add dust to that pile and you'll have a non-stop sneezing machine -me. But it's getting closer and closet to our moodboard... 
Most element are already there: table, his and hers chair, DIY hanging light, green bookcase, gold rocker and bar cart, wood floors, and black and white walls. Next on the list is accessorizing! I really want to see lots of art hanging on our wall.

Here's the bookshelf, or can we say zoo?
It became the dumping ground for all our knick-knacks which, as it turned out, were lots and lots of animals. 

Tried to organize them a bit, but this shelf is far from done. More books and less stuff would be ideal, but this would do for now....

The hanging light was DIYed by the bf. He made it out of scrap metals and fruit crates.

It turned out so beautiful. I love it. And I love him. Eeeeehhheee....

Again, another creation from the bf, this scrap metal deer head, and faux antique keys. Expect lots of his creations from DuoDeco Studio. :) 

This office still needs a lot of love, and most importantly, internet connection. Ha! But I'm just happy we're halfway there. 

See? :) 


  1. You are such a creative couple! You are surely destined for success.
    P.S. If your bf doesn't mind I think I'm going to steal his light idea :)!

  2. I strongly agree with Mary!

    Ms. Elle, can't wait for your pieces na!

  3. you've come so far with this, I love your work, been following you ever since you were just looking for potential places for duodeco


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