House of DuoDeco: Stairs Update

11/22/2012 04:11:00 AM

So here's a simple update that might not even require words to this post. Haha.. But this is not a photo blog so a few sentences wouldn't hurt. Since we're renting out an old apartment for the showroom, we're not afraid to experiment and paint the hell out of it. Even the stair riser. We wanted a little pop of color on that side of the room so here's my solution....  



The design supposed to cover the entire span of the riser, but its too darn tedious covering the corners and all so I ended up just doing a zigzag in the middle. Haha...

There you have it, out painted riser. Simple update, but it makes me smile every time I go up.



  1. love it Ms. Elle, soooo unique! you the one who painted it? ;)


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