Goodbye Mario

9/24/2014 04:37:00 AM

Since the Habagat days, I've been hoping and praying that it would be the last. Well, that wouldn't be the case unless major urban planning or some sort of miracle happen. We've been seeing major road / plumbing works going on the past year so I thought, oooh no more flood. Well, there was flood. But I guess it worked (?!) 'coz it's not as bad as Ondoy and Habagat.

As usual, my brother got around to get some photos in the midst of panic-saving stuff and hauling them up our very small second floor. Priorities. Haha

These were taken maybe a foot short of the highest flood level. Better than Ondoy which almost reached our second floor, or habagat that was halfway there.

But as always, we're just thankful that everyone's fine. And it gave us an excuse to do some general cleaning and get rid of most of our crap. We have a LOT. Or they might argue that I have a lot. Fine, me, I admit it. How can I say no to a cheap solid wood table? Or a nice chair that just needed some scrubbing and new upholstery? Or that free china cabinet/sofas that I just need to pick-up? Not me apparently. So they lived a very neglected life in our garage, maybe they're all cursing me for leaving them to drown and not fulfill their purpose of being the magnificent chair? Ha. 


The main living area is bare empty and waiting for it's comeback. We'll be doing everything flood-proof this time. Nice(?) plastic chairs, solid wood sofa with removable cushions, maybe high shelves for storage just in case another flood come along. (hope not!!) Well that's the plan. 

I'm relieved that the tiny house is not in a flood-prone area *know on wood* but I hate having our family house experience this every couple of years. It's getting VERY old.

But, as they say, count your blessings. So cheers to life, and cheers to a hopefully flood-free (if miracle do exist) tomorrow!

P.S. Just in case you're wondering, those are my brothers doing the most important stuff during times like this. #flexingtheirbiceps #notthedrinking

P.P.S. I realized I didn't even mentioned "mario" in this post. For those not from the Philippines, that's what they named the typhoon. Farewell mario, never come back, you're not welcome here.


  1. oh that sucks! hope you guys are doing well...

  2. September really is a flood month here! hope your house didn't suffer much damage. Good luck!

    1. The house is fine.. Medyo organized na. Hehe thanks!

  3. OMG! I didn't realize the Philippines had been hit by another devastating typhoon. Keep your chin up, Ellle! Your handsome bros have the right attitude!

    1. The typhoon's not that bad, but the flood's terrible! Thanks! We did get a real drink after though.. Haha :)


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