The TIny House Kitchen is Almost Done!

3/25/2015 03:34:00 AM

I wish I could say the same thing about the house though. It's been clear now for weeks that we won't make the bf's birthday house deadline which is in a week. I'm really hoping that we'll have a house for my birthday... in 4 months! Haha... But for now, our next mental deadline is Pacquiao-Mayweather fight (May 2). We're hoping to have pay-per-view and have friends over. But we all know how our deadline is like, it's just a wish. 

But we're looking at the bright side which is the kitchen. It's almost done! We can now see the light at the end of this very very very long tunnel that we lovingly call The Tiny House Renovation.

Here's where I left you in the last kitchen update post. The cabinets are in place but that's about it. 

Tada! Tiles!!!

As cliche as subway tiles is, I love it!!  The counters (which is just tile with tile trim, I'll share details in another post), and the shelf are installed. That shelf will house majority of our dinner ware which is not a lot so it will do.

Next up is painting the cabinets. As I've said in my last post, we wanted a grayish green color based on our inspiration photo. Here we are trying on different colors, we added a bit more yellow to the right most swatch to achieve a greener hue.

Tada! Paint!! Haha... 

Here they are with our copper handles. As seen on previous photos, our free cabinet doors already got a nickel finish handles, which are fine. But we wanted copper so one night, after they finished all the painting, we did a painting of our own. Well the bf did. He spray painted all the hardware copper and we installed new ones for the smaller cabinet. I did the measuring and he did the drilling. 

We're actually unsure of the copper color the first night we installed them as they looked too red with the few bulbs we had at that time, but morning came and we love them! It's just the right color. We also spray painted the new handles for the smaller cabinet so they'll all match.

We had the niche shelves stained the same the same color as our window. We wanted touches of wood here and there to warm up the space. Obviously there's still masking tape around the shelves, but I can already imagine cute cooking condiments bottle placed in there. Also a nice basket that will hold garlic (I love garlic!!), onions, and such. I don't cook so that's the only ingredients I know. Haha... 

I love how the tiles and the cabinet look against all the navy. And speaking of the color, how do you see our cabinets? Greenish gray, or grayish green? The bf and I are debating, he sees it as gray, and I see it more as green. We've had argued about color more than just a few times and I always tease him that he's colorblind. So green? Gray? Black and blue? White and gold? Haha.. And for the record, I see that dress as black and blue, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, google it. Mind-boggling.
Oh and I totally forgot about the dining table we bought, it has storage! 6 small drawers, which means additional pantry space. Yay! I'll show you when we unpacked it, can't risk having paint dripping all over it so it will stay in plastic until we're totally done with this level. 

So that's our small kitchen, and I absolutely adore it. We're still missing a few details, the three wall lights, and the countertop of the small cabinet. We had a tile breaking incident so we have to buy another one. But overall, I love the direction we went with and I know this little corner will serve as well.

Next, we're shopping for a fridge, a retro-looking fridge that is, wish us luck!


  1. I love your kitchen!!! can't wait to see how you style it!

  2. @Mark, thanks! Not sure there's much styling that will go here, I just want to be functional, organize, and still pretty. :) But all our dinner ware are so random so I'll see how it will do. hehehe

  3. Looking very good. We also tiled our kitchen counter w/ 60x60 floor black granite tiles and black tile trims. It's a cheaper substitute for the real expensive granite slab. However, we should've resealed the tiles from the start because it absorb liquids. Now, what once a modern sleek ebony tiles turned into a old murky black tiles. It has water stains all over especially near the sink which is very hard to remove no matter how much "elbow grease" you apply. I'm thinking we should've gone with the ceramic ones w/c is less porous. Tsk. Tsk.

    For me, the cabinets are Greenish Gray.
    I saw the dress as white and gold at first but it gradually turned into black & blue. It wasn't the edited version either. It was like mind F*ing episode of twilight zone. Haha

  4. Hi Elle :-) I agree with your BF, the cabinets' color is greenish gray. I see gray.:D I love your kitchen & the entire Tiny House.<3 Can't wait to see your next update.;-)

  5. @anon sad to hear about your countertops.. I'm not sure what kind of tile I bought.. haha.. I just saw a white 60x120 and buy it to have less cuts as possible. hehe.. Hopefully it doesn't stain as much.

    I see the white and gold for a second but it always turn to black and blue. But my bf's sister swears its white and gold and she can't see it the other way around. WEIRD DRESS Haha...

  6. @amble hahaha well I'm sure the bf will be happy to hear that! But in my defence, I know it's gray but with a lot of green in it. So I see it as grayish green, but he sees it as greenish gray (more gray with just a tiny bit green). Okay now that I'm writing this, I realize how foolish our debate was. HAHA

  7. Looks fantastic so far!! Can't wait to see what fridge you get :-)

  8. @thrifted treasure me too! I have no idea where to find an inexpensive retro looking fridge! hehe thank you :)

  9. Your kitchen looks very nice, Elle! It's like a Japanese kitchen - tiny but stylish, and functional. I'm cheering you on!

  10. Yes it's tiny and we'll definitely do our best to make it stylish.. but not so sure about the functional part. hehehe.... Thank Agnes! :)

  11. Grayish green to me too! Really loving how everything is turning out! And that tiny window is so cute!

  12. Mary! Yay high five to grayish green! hahaha... yes that window is so tiny it's more like a design rather than functional. Haha.. Thank you.

  13. I”m so in love with that color! It would be perfect for my kitchen cabinets as well. Would you mind sharing the color name/brand?

    Also, I love the copper! Great design. Can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s all finished!

  14. Hi Carolyn, sorry it's a custom color made / copied from a swatch by my painter. Sorry! But I'm sure you'll find the perfect shade for your kitchen. :) Thanks!


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