Tiny House Renovation: 7th Month Update (Interior Photos Galore)

3/04/2015 02:40:00 AM

If you've read this blog for quite some time now, then you'll know that it's such a dream for me to have this Tiny House. I'm really thankful and I feel so lucky every time I stopped for a minute and just comprehend the thought "We have a house." WE HAVE A HOUSE!! What?? And we're so close to the end of this renovation that we can now see and touch the walls (yes, we actually petted the brick walls a couple of times), we can imagine our furniture in place, our frames on the wall, us lounging in the sofa, or working together at the loft office. We can see it vividly that the wait is becoming more and more intense.

My excitement means that I have a lot of photos documenting the process and it's becoming more challenging to do it in one single post. Before it was easy, oh we put up frame work, and we poured concrete, there's the steel frames, and exterior walls. It's all the general structure of the house. But now that we're doing the interiors, there are a lot of details I'd love to share to you all! So for this post, I'll do all interior updates, but from this point forward, I'll be doing per area/ or per detail posts so I can share more. 

 Since we're finishing the house from up down, let's start at the loft shall we?

You've seen this before, but there's one difference. We finished the floors. We didn't do vinyl or laminate, we basically just sealed the existing plywood subfloor. We're not too nit-picky with those details, we're fine with the industrial raw look. But we have a lot of laminate flooring remaining from the 3rd floor (which we got for free, we'll tell you the story soon) so it's still up for negotiation if we'll do that for the loft as well. We just needed 30 additional planks, I'll see if we can get those so we'll have an actual finished floors here. Either way, I'm happy.

The other side of the loft is our fence wall. We used cyclone wire, the one you typically use for outdoor fence. We like the look, and we wanted it to be as open as possible for air circulation.

We just put wood trims on the side to have a more finished look. We love it, it's weird, it's open, but sturdy enough to act as wall. 

The view from the loft is quite nice, you'll see the brick walls, big windows, and the chandelier, same one we used at our showroom (which I don't have photos of in our showroom reveal, weird).

The moment we bought the bricks, we asked them to install it right away. We wanted to see how it will look ASAP! And now it's all here, it just brings so much character to the space. It's like having an NY apartment right here in QC. Haha... 

Oh, and we have stairs! We no longer need to use the scaffolding to go up the loft. Yey! Though it's quite steep and not the most comfortable to use. Either that or it will eat up a lot of floor space, something we don't have much of. So we'll just suck it up and be careful. Haha.. We painted the railing and and steel parts same color as the wall so it will not be visually heavy. We didn't want it to be the star of the space, we wanted it to just blend in. 

Looking up, you'll see our fence and the olive green chandelier. Again, most surface are navy. The main elements of this space are navy, bricks, subway tile for the kitchen, whites, wood, and greens, with splashes of colors here and there through accessories and art.

We love this chandelier so so much. It's wrought iron, it's ornate but not too feminine, it's visually light but really heavy. It's actually anchored to our roof steel frame just to be sure. I actually bugged our foreman on how sturdy it was, in which he replied "Ma'am matibay yan, kahit tao kaya sumabit dyan" Ok then. 

Full view of the back side of the 3rd level and the loft. 

The small room at the back will be the powder room which will be really special as I'm planning to wallpaper that thing. That's our kitchen counter to the right, and we'll have another small counter to the left of the door. We changed our original plan on having the fridge to the left of the powder room to not cover up the stair wall, we'll share kitchen plans soon!

Well that is the almost done spaces. Don't be fooled, going down the stairs (to the left) will lead you to the 2nd level which is still looking like this. HAHA

The door to the right is our main bathroom. They already started framing the ceiling, and will be dividing the space in two-- bedroom, and dressing area. Originally, it will be divided with an actual door, but we wanted to keep it open for now so we'll just do an arched wall. It will make sense when it's done. 

The view standing at the stairs. Again, installed huge windows here to let in lots of light. It's definitely not as bright as the upper levels, but this will do for a bedroom area. We're hoping to see a lot more progress for the 2nd floor this week which is necessary if we really wanted to have a presentable space come end March for the Bf's birthday. It's highly doubtful that we'll be done by then, more like impossible. But maybe we could have a meal at the 3rd level at the very least? Though we might not have running water so I have no idea how it will go. Guests + no functional toilet = disaster. 

But we're still happy that it's feeling more and more like a home nowadays. If we're not out or working, you'll see us hanging in here. We even started hauling some of our stuff from their storage room up the loft so it's now full of our collected items. We're not even halfway done in getting our stuff together and it's looking like hoarder central up there. But like this house, everything will fall into place. That I'm sure of. 

Next, I'll share our semi-DIY light fixture at the loft, and the 3rd floor flooring. They are done and they're looking great! I know I'm such a tease, I'm sorry.


  1. Wow! I'm so inspired by this. We (me and the hubby) had been planning and planning on how our house would look. I'm liking the theme of re-purposing such wonderful old items.

  2. I like the loft idea. I also wanted one like that because our space is small.



  3. Mary Ann, repurposing items adds character to the space, and it's cheaper! Win-win! :)

    Neri Ann, thanks!

  4. I like the color of navy blue. And I love all the details of your interior. Btw, Ayun po ba yung exact color name niya "navy blue"? And ano pong paint brand? Thank you po!


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