House of Femme: Living/Dining Plan

10/16/2011 02:14:00 AM

The client is completely renovating their old house. She pretty much gave me full reign over this project with just the overview of what she likes. What's really great, aside from the fact that I can go out all girly in here (she's sharing the house with her sister), is that we have a very similar taste in design. It's like designing for myself too! Haha...

I'm doing two parts of the house, one is her bedroom, and the other one is their living/dining area.
I'll share the latter first.

Here's where they're at when I first saw the space.
A very pretty blank canvas. They already started on their renovation and she wants me to come in to help on all the finishing touches.

As for the design, she wants a more formal space, injected with pops of colors, and very much french inspired.

The Moodboard

Her future living / dining room right there -soft grey walls, dark charcoal drapes, revived classic pieces, wall moldings, colors and patterns through some furniture and accessories. Most of the furniture are from their Dad's vast collection of French pieces that just needed some TLC. And if you know me, you'll know that I love refinished and reupholstered furniture to bring it back to life (Like here, here, and here). As of today, I have 9 chairs for this house at the upholsterer. I seriously can't wait to have them back in their new look.

Up next is the bedroom plan, it's a brighter, more causal version of this. Think turquoise, yellow, gold, and white! :) Be sharing them soon.

Welcome to the House of Femme.


  1. very cute and classy! i like the mirror.

  2. So chica, I like! Looking forward to see this all come together.

  3. thank you.. it's coming along well! :)


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