Look what I got for P1000

11:40:00 AM

One of my online past time is searching for great deals. Not your typical ensogo or groupon thing, more like going through Sulit to look for great pieces that I can redo. Like this one...

Yup, I got that set of 2 chairs and a side table for only P1000 (around $24), and they are heavy! I still don't know what I'll do with them in terms of color or fabric since I don't have any plans of where to put them yet, in my future home perhaps? Meaning you won't be seeing an after pictures for years. Haha..

Anyway, I was trying to search for inspiration pics online using the key term "Fan-back chair" and "Shell-back chair" and it came back nothing. The boyfriend made a bet with me that he can find them online, and after a few seconds of googling, he showed me pages of them! Apparently, the name of that particular style is "Shield-Back Chair."

Yes the boyfriend know the term! Shame on me. Apparently, they had those type of chairs growing up.  ME=loser. Haha...

So here you go, inspiration photos of what can be the future of this P1000 purchase. :)

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  1. Love the chair and love the future possibilities of chairs! :D I really like that pastel blue one :3

  2. Love the seafoam/mint!!!

    I could also see.you doing the bright.colors. fantastic deal for $24!

  3. thanks :) I'm pretty sure mine will be colorful. haha

  4. what a great find! sa sulit lang to? pwedeng malaman sinong seller sa sulit baka may magustuhan din ako? thanks.:)


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