HO of the Day: Hip Glamour

9/26/2012 12:43:00 AM

Okay, this might be too big for a home office. But lets just say we are all millionaires, had a big spare room with high ceilings and great architectural details, that we can use as an office. This is one way to do it, especially if you love feminine details that are not too femme. Huwaat? haha.. Lets say you love classic pieces (like the chair, the mantel, long curtains, and the moldings), but you want a toned down subdued version of it (neutral walls, neutral curtains, simple wood table, gray chair upholstery), and you want to hip it up a notch (very graphic artwork, pop of orange lamp, some colorful accessories), then this is your perfect peg. It's classic, glamourous, but hip and edgy at the same time. 

House and Garden


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