House of DuoDeco: Progress Snapshots

9/24/2012 04:59:00 PM

This is a fairly short progress post of what's going on in this little project of ours. Well anything compared to the last post will be short.. haha.. If you have no idea what DuoDeco is, read here.

Anyway, the renovation is coming along really well. Everything looks fresher and we just can't wait to use this place and decorate the heck out of it. I'm now collecting old frames to put up in our office's frame gallery wall. I can finally have my own collection of frames! 

Here's the office as of now. Accent wall painted black, everything else in fresh coat of white. 
The paneled window are out for now since we need to haul the bed frame through that. It won't freakin fit in the stairway! 

Here's the other side of the office. Tons of storage for supplies, fabric stash, tools, etc etc. And have you noticed the floors??
We had them sanded and sealed with a clear topcoat so the natural wood will show. I love it. 

One area I'm most excited about is the bathroom. Here's why....
Painted the upper walls deep navy which transformed the space tremendously. Lantern light installed. I'd be accessorizing this bathroom like crazy, already have the frames and artwork for it. 

I was looking for a simple very inexpensive tile, and here's what I bought for the kitchen backsplash. Love the subtle leafy pattern. The best part is the price, can't remember exactly but it's under 40php. Might  be even under 30php. :)

Look at the bed! Well that's just the headboard since we still need to haul the body over the window. But we painted a vintage bed a nice coral shade. It's so pretty against the deep taupe walls. 

Little by little, we're getting there. I can't post photo of the showroom yet since many of our undone items are there. So this photos have to make do for now. Haha


  1. You are sure excellent in picking paint colors!!! No matter what color you choose, it just looks beautiful! Love the deep navy blue and the color of the bed! Can't wait to see the place finished. ^_^

  2. I just had to comment! That coral bed post is to die for! Very lovely. :)


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