Spice things up in your bedroom...

9/29/2012 06:27:00 PM

....decor! haha

I knew a lot of people who buy bedroom sets when furnishing their rooms. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you want a more personal feel to your space, better mix them up. 

This photo is obviously for showroom purposes, all brown, all wood furniture. It looks rather flat.

I know its much easier to go for a set-- less thinking, less worries. But mixing things up is not that difficult as you might think, and the result will be much better.

The red upholstered bed in here doesn't match with any of the furniture, but it works. The main thing is having a cohesive color scheme throughout the entire space. The bed matches with the curtains, the walls with the side table, curtain rod/frame with the chandelier.

Upholstered bed can go with any side table.

The rustic wood in the bench looks awesome in this fresh looking bedroom. Imagine having all that wood in the bed and side table and this room wouldn't look this great.

White and wood is a great combo. The white bed lightens up the space, while the wood side table grounds this room down. Perfect compliment.

A very simple yet cozy bedroom set up. Headboard-less bed witha brass side table.

You can even go as far as not matching the side tables. 

But if you're really particular and wants things to match, this is the way to do it. 

There are no exact rules on how to decorate your room, it's about making each piece compliment each other to unify the look of the space. Just have a color scheme in place and work around it. Have fun in your bedroom, oh I mean... WITH your bedroom. ;)


  1. Thanks for posting this Ms. Elle. A lot of great tips here. I have been looking for some inspirations on how to decorate our room. The first picture is the closest. We have a window in the center. But, I don't like our room to look flat. I love the idea of mix-matching the materials / furnitures.

    Your avid follower (hehe),


  2. Our bedroom is similar to your photo #1 ... flat!!! LOL!!!
    Since we moved in 4 years ago, we have not added any finishing touches / accent pieces around the house, bedroom included, so everything looks "unfinished". THanks for the inspiration. Will check back to your site once we have set a budget to remodel and style our rooms to our liking. :)

  3. I have learned a lot. thank you. I was very pleased. Thanks :)

  4. I love the ideas and I think it just what I need for the New Year. Thanks your site is awesome.


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