HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the Day: Bedside

3:21:00 AM
There will always be some nook and crannies in your home that can be converted into a home office, lets say the bedside, for instance. I know it's not ideal to have your workspace right beside the bed, but if space is tight then this is a great options. Look how it's working for this space, and I love the shelves as the back wall for the bed. A really double purpose room.  

House of DuoDeco

House of DuoDeco: Stairs Update

4:11:00 AM
So here's a simple update that might not even require words to this post. Haha.. But this is not a photo blog so a few sentences wouldn't hurt. Since we're renting out an old apartment for the showroom, we're not afraid to experiment and paint the hell out of it. Even the stair riser. We wanted a little pop of color on that side of the room so here's my solution....  



The design supposed to cover the entire span of the riser, but its too darn tedious covering the corners and all so I ended up just doing a zigzag in the middle. Haha...

There you have it, out painted riser. Simple update, but it makes me smile every time I go up.


House of DuoDeco

House of DuoDeco: The Office is Halfway There

4:17:00 AM
Last night's agenda was to clean and organize our office. I thought it would take me two hours max, but between the organizing and freecell games, it took me four instead. Yes I'm addicted to freecell solitaire, that is my go-to break time game. Haha....

Here is the somewhat cleaner office as of date...

Haha! That is the clean version. Imagine piles and piles of stuff on the table and all over the floors. Add dust to that pile and you'll have a non-stop sneezing machine -me. But it's getting closer and closet to our moodboard... 
Most element are already there: table, his and hers chair, DIY hanging light, green bookcase, gold rocker and bar cart, wood floors, and black and white walls. Next on the list is accessorizing! I really want to see lots of art hanging on our wall.

Here's the bookshelf, or can we say zoo?
It became the dumping ground for all our knick-knacks which, as it turned out, were lots and lots of animals. 

Tried to organize them a bit, but this shelf is far from done. More books and less stuff would be ideal, but this would do for now....

The hanging light was DIYed by the bf. He made it out of scrap metals and fruit crates.

It turned out so beautiful. I love it. And I love him. Eeeeehhheee....

Again, another creation from the bf, this scrap metal deer head, and faux antique keys. Expect lots of his creations from DuoDeco Studio. :) 

This office still needs a lot of love, and most importantly, internet connection. Ha! But I'm just happy we're halfway there. 

See? :) 

design projects

Townhouse Revival: Project Snapshots

5:08:00 AM
One project I've been working on is this great townhouse that the owner was renovating. Not your typical simple reno or makeover, this is major. Whole new look, whole new layout, new everything. I came in about mid in process just in time in choosing paint colors, finishes, fixtures, tiles, etc.  I love it. I get to choose for an entire house! :) 

Here are just two of the rooms in this place. Still need to photograph the other spaces, but gawd I'm loving it already. The wallpapers are up. Light fixtures were installed. Furniture will soon come in and decorating is on its way.

4th floor bedroom

This is quite a small bedroom, but that doesn't mean there is no room for some drama. Hello wallpaper!
Yep, the bathroom is only separated via glass. Hotelesque feel. We will be installing drapes for privacy, but if it isn't need, they can just open up the entire space.

Who here wants to soak in a tub in an almost outdoorsy but private space? ME! Love the clawfoot tub the client chose for this bath. It's perfect. 

Wallpaper close-up.

3rd floor bedroom

This is the master bedroom, hence the biggest of all rooms. The client love blue for her room, she wants a soothing, glam space. We opted for a soft pale blue for the walls. That accent wall would house the tv. It's custom wood cutout that will have some light action going on. 

Her open closet.

Still blue! A happy blue that is. I don't want to overwhelm the space with the color so we balance it with lots of white.

And yes, this bath has its own jacuzzi. A chandelier will hang above it to glam up the space a bit.

Those are two of the rooms. Still got the living, dining, powder room, two other bedrooms, outdoor space, etc! Sharing soon... 
HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the Day: Collage

3:18:00 AM
Afraid of color? Try this. A collage of black and white photos plastered on an entire wall to achieve a very dramatic and graphic look sans colors. A sophisticated version of the all too popular i-will-decorate-my-dorm-by-filling-walls-with-posters look. Haha 


House of DuoDeco: DIY Painted Floors

8:02:00 PM
It's been a looooong time since I last did a DIY. 8 months long to be exact. The last DIY was this stool and side table I spray painted gold. I'm not even sure if you can consider it that since it's just spray paint after all. This project we did was from from it! It took us 15 hours of work, haha!

It all started from my ambitious plan of painting a pattern to the floors. Remember the moodboard I did for the showroom? Since we wanted everything to be within budget, we don't want to replace the floors, but the ancient vinyl installed won't do it. So paint it is! We had the floors painted white. 

I did a sketch of the pattern. Since a 12x12 vinyl was the former flooring, it already has a grid. I made the pattern based on the grid so we won't have to do any measuring. 

This is probably the most tedious of all... taping! We used around 14 rolls of masking tape. Most of the masking tape we bought won't adhere properly to the floors, I cursed the tape numerous of times. It did help a bit. Haha

We cut excess tape to prep for the paint. Here's the floor all taped up.

Almost done with the painting!

But before the final reveal, here's another side story. You see, we wore socks the entire time we walked on the newly painted white floors since it doesn't have any top coat yet. But as clumsy/careless as we are, one of each our sock got into a little black paint accident. Which lead us into resorting to this....
A plastic, and paper bag slash sock. Wala lang.. hahaha

Here we are before removing the tape. Souvenir of our little incident and this whole shenanigan. 

Let me just remind you on how we started the moment we first saw the place...

And now here it is with the painted floors, courtesy of me and the bf. :)

The almost done kitchen sans the teal fridge and yellow stove. That story is for another post.

Top view.

Don't be fooled by this photos, the floors isn't perfect, there's a lot of paint bleed and crooked lines since the old vinyl has a lot of chips and cracks, but we love it nonetheless. Though after putting a polyurethane top coat to protect the floors, they are now yellowish. Of course I love white better than yellow, but I'd rather have a yellowish floors than a very dirty hard to clean white one. Sabi nga ni bf... "Kunwari na lang vintage..." haha

There you have it, one step closer to our finish showroom. :)

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