Modern Parisian Apartment: Shelf-Styling

8/03/2013 11:30:00 PM

I was browsing my previous "shelf-styling" post so I can link it here and noticed it was written exactly two years ago today, Aug 3, 2011. Where did the time go? Seriously. I feel like I'm still exactly where I was two years ago, doing design projects, and writing shelf-styling post. Haha.. 

Anyway, I went to the site yesterday to do some shelf-styling and frame hanging to prep for the blessing on Monday. These shelves were on the home office area to display some books and other collectible she have. They piled things they want displayed in here...

It was a simple redo. Maybe not that noticeable to some. But I just made it a little more streamlined, balanced, and layered. It's a little trickier to style full shelves like this if you do not have lots of books. Unlike the massive shelves I styled before, it was a bigger job but simpler to do because of all the nooks. You just style one cube at time. But this one doesn't have any dividers which could easily look cluttered.

What I did was arrange the items with an imaginary divider. You always need a blank space to rest your eyes on. 

Here's what I did...

1) Grouped the books and placed them randomly. Some horizontal, some vertical. Just spaced them out especially if you do not have lots of them.

2) Put random items to act as bookends for those vertically placed books. Then placed some of her camera collection around on blank spaces.

3) Layered in pieces around. Leaned a frame and her diy Fornasetti plates at some negative space.

4) Edit until it feels right.

As you can see, there's not much difference really. So I'm not sure what the point of this post. Haha.. But seriously, a little rearranging can do so much. It seemed a little less cluttered and a little more styled. I even added more items in here but it looks cleaner. Also included her dumbbells in there. It's orange and purple and looks cute so why the heck. 

I'm not sure if any of these make sense or if anyone even learned anything from this. But the point is, fix your effin shelves! Experiment, arrange, rearrange, edit, until you love how it looks. What you got to lose right? :)

Upper shelves are currently empty but I'd love to put storage boxes in there. Would look totally cute.


  1. When (and what school) did you become a licensed interior designer?

  2. @Anon hi.. this is just a hobby turned work so no, I did not study interior design. :)

  3. hi, where'd you buy the lighting fixture?

  4. If not for the framed portrait, I would have thought this was my shelf. :) :) We have almost the same cameras and books on display. :P

  5. Light fixture from A&S.

    Haha... great collection! :)


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