Project Dream Home: Kitchen

8/17/2013 10:06:00 AM

Since I just shared with you our future plans here, I might as well share this kitchen moodboard I did a while back. You see, when I get an idea in my head, especially when it comes to our dream home, I gather pegs and inspiration stat. But when that is not enough, I make my own moodboard. 

We love love the industrial look not just because of it's aesthetic, but also because of how cost-efficient it is. No more tiles to install! No more ceilings to build! Minimal painting! And we're totally on board with all the concrete that will surround us- a concrete jungle, literally. Haha

Our only concern is that it would look like an unfinished house. But that could easily be solved by furnishing and lighting. Anyways, since I have a general idea of the floor plan, I did this board to inspire us go for the dream!

EXCITED FOR THIS. I know there is a lot of black, but the whole place will be light cement, plus I'll totally put in a lot of colorful furnishing so it will still look fun and airy. Plus I'm planning to have lots of big windows so it will be super bright.  The idea is to never have the need to turn on a light while the sun is up. Well that window thing is another story, I've been gathering ideas on what windows to install. I love the black factory looking ones. But something a little more polished, and reasonably priced. Lots of windows = expensive! I'll go into that further once I gather my thoughts.

For now, here's our kitchen. Black accent wall, black lower cabinets, antique gold hardware, frames, and some color thrown in there. Used that appliance color since that's the ones we have from the showroom kitchen. If we went with brand new typical appliances, I'd probably put color some place else. And I'm sure we'll be thrifting and refurbishing our way to furnishing this still non-existent place. Haha


  1. Hi Elle!

    Were you able to make this dream kitchen a reality?

    Hopefully, yes. :)

    Thanks and regards,


  2. No.. we're building a tiny house that won't fit this size of a kitchen. :)


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