Moving On and Moving Up (Plans for DuoDeco and our lives... haha)

8/13/2013 02:19:00 PM

I've been holding off in writing this post since I wanted a concrete plan to share with you but we're on to the last minute, and plans are still vague. So here goes...

Our lease is up on the DuoDeco showroom and we decided to let the place go. We're keeping the online shop for now, but we have bigger plans. More on that in a while. 

So why in the world do we redo this really old apartment, spent 14 straight hours painting the floor pattern, and give it up in a year??

Well reason number one would be we are just plain crazy. Haha... But let's tackle a more acceptable answer shall we? Sales cover the overhead and a little more, but we felt somewhat held back by the fact that a lot of the shop's income goes to rent. Both of us have work outside of this, so this is just some experimental sideline venture, which means we can't commit one hundred percent of our time to it, which means less new stuff and less marketing, which means less potential sales. Napakadaming which means! haha

(See how we did the floors here)

We discussed what we wanted to do once the lease is up considering all of the above points, and came to the decision that we wanted our very own house / showroom. We'd rather put the shop's income into mortgage payments rather than rent. It would give us more drive to create, and know that those hard work will go directly to our house.

We actually looked into potential homes but realized that we can't find what we want out there. We wanted a showroom on a lower floor, and a house on the upper floors.-a full working house. Let's be honest here, no one's getting any younger and we need to move on and build a life for ourselves sooner rather than later.

So the dream to build our own home came to life. Hence this posts about my dream industrial home.

So here's the deal, if all plans and dreams pushed through, we're building one! We already have a potential location but I'll share them once it's for sure. I even had a full floor plan sketched and moodboards for some of the spaces. This house is far down the line, we need to consider cost, how the heck we're going to loan, and all the not so fun stuff. So for now, showroom will be on hiatus, while some decor accessories will still be up on our online shop. Details on where you can view our items will be posted on the website once everything's set.

I'm so excited for what the future will bring us and I can't wait to make all our plans and dreams a reality. Here's to moving on and moving up! :)


  1. Sayang naman the apartment, but lucky for the next tenant. I wish I lived there so I'd rent that beautifully-renovated apartment. :) Anyway, good luck on your new endeavor and I hope all your wishes are granted.


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