The story of my lamps, and secretary (the desk) in action

6:51:00 AM
before and after

Simple switch: Chair redo

2:25:00 AM
before and after

Meet my secretary

1:54:00 AM
HO (Home Office) of the day

HO of the day: Moody

7:50:00 AM
my bedroom

Going dark

3:28:00 AM
project house prettify

Our P24/yard curtain is finally up!

7:00:00 PM

Please don't hate me...

1:58:00 AM
project house prettify

Wall stamping -literally.

3:08:00 AM

It's been 5 minutes, and I still can't think of a post title.

8:39:00 AM
my bedroom

Curtain options for my bedroom: Help me choose!

1:29:00 AM
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