The story of my lamps, and secretary (the desk) in action

I've been looking to buy a pair of lamp for months, but the ridiculous prices makes this task rather difficult. I want big bright lamps for my bedside, and the big lamps I found in the malls are expensive! Small flimsy ordinary lamps runs from P1500-P2500 ($35-$58) each and the great big ones starts at P5000($116) to infinity! No amount of prettiness will make me shell out much money on a piece of lamp. Yes I'm cheap, and I'm proud of it! 

But my patience rewards me an online find-- a big (two and half feet tall!) pair of lamp. The pair cost me  P1800 ($42)! Yes, pair. Which means I got myself 2 pieces of big chunky lamp for the retail price of one small flimsy ordinary lamp! Can you tell I'm happy? and what made me even happier? It was delivered to my house since my place is on the way to the seller's meeting. How meant to be is that? I'm rambling, sorry. Here's the brass beauty that is presently no longer brass.
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, brass lamp

It prettified our entry for a short while 'til i found a turquoise spray paint. Why turquoise? See moodboard here. This console temporarily graces the entry as the matching yellow table is being used as a makeshift cutting table. The oriental console will be placed below our living room gallery.
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, brass lamp, oriental console, yellow mirror
I know that the asian look doesn't really fit our living room moodboard, but it's free! (Thank you cousin for your generosity! haha)  I also feel that it will add a punch of color and interest to that massive grey space (big grey curtains on both sides! see here).  And who am I kidding, as if our furniture really match or tell a story. Again, I'm rambling (and so out of topic!). Moving on....

After a trip to Ace hardware (bought nippon pylox turquoise green) and a few coats of spray paint, here's the fresher lookin lamp...  
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp
Placed it over some books since the dresser is a tad shorter than the secretary desk at the opposite side of the bed. I want the lamps to be the same height. 

I finally managed to get some help in hauling this surprisingly heavy secretary desk up my room (before and after pictures here).

Here she is (and the lamp) in action:
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
Can't resist taking a night shot despite it's crappy quality, I just love how cozy the room is at night.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
Those kitties will be inhaling some white spray paint as well. Think animal ceramics.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
I'm now working in pink heaven.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
That whiteboard will be some sort of artwork in the near future.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
The close version that I rarely see.
This room is transforming one project at a time. Add to that the living room projects I've yet to tackle, and doing it all by my lonesome self, means it will be a slow progress. But I'm getting there! 

See there's some sort of resemblance already. :)

And this ends my rambling.

Simple switch: Chair redo

I've been stalling on our living room makeover, damn you Dexter. Now that I'm finally done with you, I can get my arss out of bed and do some real work. Though I can't wait for the next season, 'til we meet again on September!

Anyway, I'm back to reality and some changes had happen to our living room.
Like a simple fabric switcheroo that made such huge difference.

Here's our very old rattan chair with her very old cushion case.
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

We just changed the cover, added some throw pillows, and here she is now...
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

A brand spankin new look from the formerly tired looking chairs.
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

A punch of fun fabrics can really brighten up any space...
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

and I'm really in love with the denim fabric we used as cushion case! Just wait til you see the matching denim slip covers for this:
brown sofa, brown couch

Buh-bye brown! Sorry brown lovers, I'm so done with this color! I've had enough of the dark wood console, dark wood dining set, dark wood china cabinet, and now this woody colored couch. It's safe to say that I'm hoping to vanish that color from this house for good! If only I have it in me to paint the huge stained varnished china cabinet. Oh paint gods please come to me.

Meet my secretary

I bought this at Sulit, Philippines equivalent to Craig, but it doesn't even come close! I tried to find those pieces with lots of potential and amazing shape I see people find on Craig, but we just don't have it with a fair price. At Sulit, amazing piece = HIGH price! Cheap price = old beat-up item. (most of the time)
Such as this:
pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

My very beat-up secretary desk
pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

It's old, dusty, very heavy desk, with lots of dents and wobbly drawers.
pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

But some prettiness is on its way.
I painted it a very pale grey, but I find it too flat.

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

So I draw a faux moulding, dry brushed some white paint for a little texture, and added a peek of pink on the handles.

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

I used a sharpie to put dotted moulding on the desk. Dots are so much easier than trying to have perfect straight lines.

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

The inside got a special treatment too. Soft pink paint and a matching floral paper.

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

I can't wait to start doing some work on this desk.

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

I just hope (for the love of pink!)  that I can keep the crap and mess to a minimum. My desk is always disorganized, but this cuteness will be my motivation for organization. (very lame attempt to rhyme, haha)

pink secretary desk, grey secretary desk

Now if only I could find people to haul this up my room! When I say people, I mean lots! This sweet looking desk needs tough people to move it, it's that heavy!

UPDATE: The desk is now up in my room. FINALLY.
See more pictures here.

HO of the day: Moody

I'm into stripes these days, quite obvious with my little living room wall project. No wonder this room got my attention. Bold saturated stripe? Right up my alley. If only I got the will to do a different color vertical stripe wall.

That chair is also a great DIY inspiration. We all have those shirt with great print that doesn't fit right? It might fit a chair better.

Going dark

I am soooo unbelievably sleepy writing this post, I blame it on Dexter. The show. The BF and I have been having dvd marathons (thank you bro#3 for sending them my way), and we're now on season 3 in just 3 freakin days! DVD series are my pringles, once I pop, I can't possibly stop until I'm done!

But don't dare think that I stalled on my projects, I managed to slip some work between episodes. I'm almost done with my secretary desk, and I've painted my bedroom wall! 

This is my room 2 days ago:

and I want it to look like this:

So from this:

To this:
Yeah it's not the best picture ever, crappy night photo and super messy room. But I look past the mess and think about what this room will look like in a few weeks! I love the color, it's deep dark charcoal with a hint blue. Look how the air conditioner blends a lot better with this wall color! And if you are too observant to notice the vodka bottle in the pictures, I swear I'm not a drunk, it's water! Just sayin.. :)

And to those who's wondering why I'd cover the window behind the bed, here's why:
My very special view --a not so nice parking space of a restaurant. It's also being used as training ground for security guards on some Sunday mornings! No they're not shooting anyone, just lining up and following drill orders from one loud commander. I swear I know when everyone's facing left or right without even looking!

So yeah, I'll take my faux wall curtain any day.

Our P24/yard curtain is finally up!

The curtain went up one window at a time, and every time I see one ugly window covered, I celebrate deep inside.

Imagine my joy when there's no more visible window in plain sight! I skipped and clapped for a couple of seconds until I remembered no one's celebrating with me. It kinda sucks when people around me don't get that enthusiastic about drapery, though I guess they're the normal ones. :)

Here's a reminder of our mismatched windows gracing our living space:

Now here's a more unified look thanks to my P24/yard fabric:
View from the main door

view from the hallway

view of a 10 foot tall person facing the main door

The space is far from done, but it's much further from where it started:

Oh happy day!! :)

Please don't hate me...

I've asked you to help me choose drapery for my bedroom, and you did help a lot! I've got 93 votes to date. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to select their favorite. 

The winner is Option 1
and to be honest, it was my first choice too. :)

But then, I saw this...
The one on the left is an extra fabric from my curtain that I kept, and the one on the right is the one hanging in my bedroom. After just barely two months of having the curtains, it accumulated dust and dirt like I had it for years without washing! Our house is like dust magnet with all the open windows and the busy commercial street behind it. Imagine pollution everyday, all day.

I panicked with the thought of having mostly white drapes! My tropical brownish curtain camouflage dirt really well, but I don't see it happening with white!  and I'm not planning on washing drapes weekly either.

So I went back to the drawing board for new options that I would love as much as Option 1, without the white fabric. It took me more than 2 hours of toying with the image before I finally came up this:

I love it! :)
I tried matching dark colored curtains (deep eggplant, navy blue, black) but it didn't it cut for me. Then I remembered something my crazy mind thought of in one of its daydreaming sessions: how about painting a canvas fabric the same color as the wall, hang it, and treat it as that -- a wall. 

I'll never use the window behind the bed, it opens up to a parking space of a restaurant! Nothing much to see there. So I'll add a much needed "wall" to this bedroom. And I love the look of mouldings, I'll try to fake it by using a white ribbon. I might even fake a headboard, we'll see about that.

I'm also painting and prettifying the bigger window so I can push the drapes to the side. The window is currently ugly and dingy so I just covered it up all the way. It would be nice to have a big open window for some air. Its getting hot in here, and I don't wanna take off all my clothes! haha.. But really, the heat is so annoying. I'm sorry, I know a lot of you is snowed in right now and all you wish for is some heat. But I tell you, the heat here is so not desirable, its humid, and you become literally sticky! (most especially during summer!)

Christina's comment also stuck with me, so I decided to have a neutral curtain for the bigger window. See people, I read and take all your comments to heart! :)

The coral and turquoise I got from this fabric I bought
which I'm so attracted to! Those colors will pop beautifully against the dark walls that I'm painting soon. Brother#2 called me crazy for wanting to paint a newly painted wall, I probably am. But the vision of the final product outweighs any name calling I get!

So here it is people, please don't hate me for wasting your time with my poll that I'm not going to use. But I love this process and it really do help me weigh all possibilities before going for it.

And to be honest, I love the new look more than Option 1! It's still graphic, but a lot more fun and feminine. Please love it with me.. :)

P.S. Don't hate me for having a TV in the bedroom! haha

Wall stamping -literally.

One window to go and all our living space curtains will be up. The dining room chairs are next, so we can sit on some cute chairs instead of that brown slob we've been using for years. Our very handy house help slash amazing sewer's next project is slip-covering the sofa. And if I continue enumerating all the stuff that needs to be done in this space, you'll be running outta here 'cos of sheer boredom! It's that *toooot* long!  -RANT OVER-

But once in a while in this little house of ours, there are those simple projects that makes a huge difference. Those things that gives me instant gratification in just a few minutes. Done! TADA!

CASE IN POINT: Letter holder
I bought this last year at Ross (oh how I miss him!) together with the pink one in my bedroom. I knew it has a place on our living space for our mails. You know instead of scattering all of them on all table tops within the door's reach.

But it kinda looks lonely on that big spot. She needs some company.
letter holder, memo board, stamps

Enter Vintage Printable. I spared one hour of my life looking through all the collection and saved everything I think that there's even the slightest possibility that I'll use someday. But when I saw a bunch of colorful stamp prints they have, I knew exactly where I'll put them.

letter holder, memo board, stamps

It adds a lot of fun and whimsy to the otherwise very serious space. You know me, I'm all about fun and color.

letter holder, memo board, stamps

Mails with stamps goes a long way, in every sense of the word. (or phrase?)
letter holder, memo board, stamps

Here's another print I found at Vintage Printable:
paris print, vintage print, gold frame
It's not centered, I know.

Do you know any other source of free prints? I have lots more hours I could spare. Imagine a folder full of print goodies you can turn to when you need some quick art fix!

It's been 5 minutes, and I still can't think of a post title.

It's 8:20 am and I still haven't gotten any sleep. You'll think that I'm spending some precious time working on some design project or sprucing up some part of our house. Nope, I'm blog hopping / stalking, just the usual scene around here. I'm proudly nocturnal, most of the time. (most of the time applies to both proudly and nocturnal) This is not the worst one yet, there are times I'm up 'til noon.

But that's not the point of this post, if I can even get to the point with my sleep-deprived brain. Okay fine, I'm outta focus but here it is. And don't expect any magical makeover of sorts.

I was browsing though Emily Clark's blog and spotted this pillow from Garden Ridge:

"Oohh pretty print...."

"wait, that looks  familiar...."

*Thinking long and hard* (sleep-deprived)

"I knew it!!"

Then I go through my posts and look at my fabric shopping trip to Divisoria:

Do you see it? Please tell me you do or I'm probably imagining that arrow I thought I put there.

It's the exact same fabric I saw at our very cheap fabric source. It costs around P60/yard ($1.36)

Call me silly but I was psyched to see this fabric on both sides of the world. Though it's probably from China. :)

Anyway, the point of this post is:

I just wanted to share! I tried to alleviate my need to share by showing it to the BF, but he just gave me an unenthusiastic wow.

So there you go. Now I can sleep. In an hour.

Curtain options for my bedroom: Help me choose!

The makeover to my already made over bedroom begins.
And because I badly screwed up purchasing a curtain fabric that doesn't suit me, I'm not taking any chances this time. (and I need your help!)

Remember this?
I played with the image to give me some drapery options. Also added some of the stuff I bought: the secretary desk that I'll be painting a soft gray, a pair of lamp I'll be spray painting yellow,  and the fabrics for pillow cases I bought just because they're pretty.

I'm also planning to paint one wall a deep charcoal color, I'm sure it will add so much drama to the room. And a huge plus that bright colors pop against dark walls, can't wait!

Anyway, here's the options, and I need you to vote for your favorite. Please. :)

Option 1: Bold stripe on bigger window / Stripe trim on curtain and pelmet behind the bed

Option 2: Bold stripe on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed

Option 3: Simple curtain same color as the wall on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed

Option 4: Simple curtain same color as the wall on bigger window / Stripe trim on curtain and pelmet behind the bed

Option 5: White curtain with black trims on bigger window / Dramatic black pelmet and curtain behind the bed

Option 6: White curtain with black trims on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed

It's quite obvious that I'm going with some black and white contrast here, I just love how clean and graphic it is. I'm going for different treatments on the 2 windows but still want them to be cohesive (I just want a pelmet / curtain to frame the bed). I know they all have the same feel, but what's your favorite? Help me choose! :) and feel free to leave your suggestions (maybe I can mix and match?) on the comment section.

Which look do you prefer? :)
Option 1: Bold stripe on bigger window / A stripe trim on curtain and pelmet behind the bed
Option 2: Bold stripe on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed
Option 3: Simple curtain same color as the wall on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed
Option 4: Simple curtain same color as the wall on bigger window / Stripe trim on curtain and pelmet behind the bed
Option 5: White curtain with black trims on bigger window / Dramatic black pelmet and curtain behind the bed
Option 6: White curtain with black trims on bigger window / Simple accent trim on pelmet behind the bed

Free polls from

UPDATE: The winning look doesn't come from any of these, sorry! Check out the story here.
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