The story of my lamps, and secretary (the desk) in action

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I've been looking to buy a pair of lamp for months, but the ridiculous prices makes this task rather difficult. I want big bright lamps for my bedside, and the big lamps I found in the malls are expensive! Small flimsy ordinary lamps runs from P1500-P2500 ($35-$58) each and the great big ones starts at P5000($116) to infinity! No amount of prettiness will make me shell out much money on a piece of lamp. Yes I'm cheap, and I'm proud of it! 

But my patience rewards me an online find-- a big (two and half feet tall!) pair of lamp. The pair cost me  P1800 ($42)! Yes, pair. Which means I got myself 2 pieces of big chunky lamp for the retail price of one small flimsy ordinary lamp! Can you tell I'm happy? and what made me even happier? It was delivered to my house since my place is on the way to the seller's meeting. How meant to be is that? I'm rambling, sorry. Here's the brass beauty that is presently no longer brass.
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, brass lamp

It prettified our entry for a short while 'til i found a turquoise spray paint. Why turquoise? See moodboard here. This console temporarily graces the entry as the matching yellow table is being used as a makeshift cutting table. The oriental console will be placed below our living room gallery.
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, brass lamp, oriental console, yellow mirror
I know that the asian look doesn't really fit our living room moodboard, but it's free! (Thank you cousin for your generosity! haha)  I also feel that it will add a punch of color and interest to that massive grey space (big grey curtains on both sides! see here).  And who am I kidding, as if our furniture really match or tell a story. Again, I'm rambling (and so out of topic!). Moving on....

After a trip to Ace hardware (bought nippon pylox turquoise green) and a few coats of spray paint, here's the fresher lookin lamp...  
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp
Placed it over some books since the dresser is a tad shorter than the secretary desk at the opposite side of the bed. I want the lamps to be the same height. 

I finally managed to get some help in hauling this surprisingly heavy secretary desk up my room (before and after pictures here).

Here she is (and the lamp) in action:
diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
Can't resist taking a night shot despite it's crappy quality, I just love how cozy the room is at night.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
Those kitties will be inhaling some white spray paint as well. Think animal ceramics.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
I'm now working in pink heaven.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
That whiteboard will be some sort of artwork in the near future.

diy lamp, spray painted lamp, turquoise lamp, grey secretary desk, pink secretary desk
The close version that I rarely see.
This room is transforming one project at a time. Add to that the living room projects I've yet to tackle, and doing it all by my lonesome self, means it will be a slow progress. But I'm getting there! 

See there's some sort of resemblance already. :)

And this ends my rambling.

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  1. it's really coming along nicely. love it!

  2. Oh wow! I really love the lamps! And especially the desk! It's really getting closer to the goal!! :D :D

  3. um...I just died over the gorgeousness of this!!! Love the jade lamp!!!!!

  4. I love how everything's coming together... those kittens will definitely look cute in white!

  5. Thanks! Replacing the curtains will make such huge difference! Can't wait to paint some canvas fabric.. :)

    Thanks for dropping by people!

  6. So pretty.
    Just found your site.. LOVE IT!

  7. I love the lamp in turquoise, very nice shape and light from this pair, too! I can't wait to get to work on my own bedroom makeover. Curtains to make, walls to paint, art to frame... :)

  8. I love the lamps! May I know which online store you got them from? =)

  9. Go to tomas mapua in sta cruz, super cheap lighting fixtures compared to mall and home depot prices. I even saw a pretty lamp for 780 (/lamp). Go elle!


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